CouchBot Install Guide


You can also view a quick video guide on Youtube.

  1. Get CouchBot in your server!
  2. Add your Mixer, Mobcrush, Picarto, Piczel, Smashcast, Twitch, or YouTube Channels:
!cb mixer add YourMixerName
!cb mobcrush add YourMobcrushName
!cb picarto add YourPicartoName
!cb smashcast add YourSmashcastName
!cb twitch add YourTwitchName
!cb piczel add YourPiczelName
!cb youtube add YourYouTubeChannelID


To get your YouTube Channel ID see this guide. It’s 24 characters long and starts with UC.

  1. We now need to tell CouchBot the channels where to send the announcements
!cb channel live #DiscordChannelName
!cb channel published #DiscordChannelName
  1. Finally, tell CouchBot if its allowed to post live and published
!cb allow published true or false (to allow/disallow published content)
!cb allow live true or false (to allow/disallow live content)



If you have any issues, please check the permissions assigned to the channel and bot.